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    #coronadaze #quarantini

    Bored with catching up on all the TV shows lately, been sitting in silence a lot, watching  out  the  window,  reading,  painting,  studying, researching, learning, watching  birds,  watching  weather,  walking  the  dog,  cooking,  drinking,  dancing, cutting, pasting, printing, imagining a lot to try and make progress, many layers, processes into so many #WIPs lying around neglected, but not forgotten ...  

    You get these bursts of ideas and get them going and then you get distracted with other real life things and get frozen sometimes, especially with abstract art when you get them to a place where you are afraid to go any further ...  Even though its all abstract, its still intentional.  Even though you don’t have a plan with abstract expression, you have ideas and concepts and emotions you want to bring through somehow.  

    You have to study them, but be fearless and some point let them go to where ever they are going.  You have to be brave and diligent and consistent to let them all go till they are content to be done.  Then you stare at them again and never really feel they are done, but you let them go again.  Its embarrassing how weird they are most times, but at the same time, very joyous.  There’s been so much to think about through #Coronadaze #Quarantini. 

    Enjoying having the time and solitude and energy to continue exploring and discovering with no end game to plan or count on.  No Exhibit to prepare for.  No Hangs or Strikes to deal with.  Purely creative intent is happening and I am starting to get into a groove.  Its terrifying and liberating at the same time.  Bits and pieces are everywhere daring me to keep them alive and put them where they belong somehow.  Like puzzles. Some of the much that is scattered all around right now ...  Still working up to larger pieces.  Getting there ... 

    Excited about the direction its all taking, feeling like they have all been waiting to show up until now, during this crazy crazy time ...  like this crazy crazy time ...  

    #KeepCreating #StayHome #StayStrong #bluestonesart #theartlocker #hillcountryartlocker

    mixed media ~ process

    layers layers layers vintage ephemera botanical art dictionaries National Geographic’s inks acrylics sprays stains chinese brush paint abstracts nature deer birds bees flowers water lillies biodiversity hill country plants cactus vintage children books screens technology layers iridescent metallic texture graphite chalk water golden charvin liquitex acrylics daniel smith watercolors willow charcoal heavy gloss  gold  pink  blue  yellow fiction  non-fiction  nature  science  poetry  lyrics  sleep  rest  repeat

    the artist . lah

    la hollins

    experiencing life through nature, color, paint and process one canvas at a time translating more than words ever could, but if you like words ...

    modern abstract expressionist, virgo spica, truest, newest palimpsest, art obsessed creator, nearly tetrachromatic, imagined stories, altest blues tones of nature music, dancing finger tips, obtuse subductionist, heuristic vademecum, simple complex, optimistic paint prisoner, canvas creature, loved lilybud, honest, fauve, fearless, gifter forgotten poet pretender, art book geek, theartmind, color collector hoarder,  careful crazed day dreamer, silent gold slinger on most of the days and days enjoying bits and bytes of apples and bread crumbs usually unusually covered in paint chasing the bluest ones muse down the hawk horn hill just north of the woods beyond the dripping springs due west of ATX

    artist . owner . founder

    abstract ART dedication . inspiring the mind, the spirit and the imagination with a unique abstract aesthetic that can be shared, taught, learned and personally experienced if you dare

    devoted to . harnessing creativity and exploring the canvas with passion, lots of paint and layers on layers of process and color through every day stress & inspiration

    creative philosphy . a lifetime student, always  learning, advancing my skills and perspective;  I'm only as good as my last canvas and the bluest stones @TheArtLocker

    genuine ingenuity . seeing what others won't, creating what others don't . here, there and everywhere ...

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    creative arts society (cas). business member . treasurer (2017-2019) . featured artist . jan-feb 2017

    active member and volunteer in various local art groups & initiatives (Bee Cave Arts Foundation “The Hive”, Arts Alliance of Central Texas AAOCT), Austin Contemporary Artists, Hill Country Art Locker Artists #WestXWest)